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$ 14.89
Chocolate HERSHEY’S SUGAR FREE (3 Pack)

Chocolate HERSHEY’S SUGAR FREE (3 Pack)

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Price: $ 14.89
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Chocolate HERSHEY'S SUGAR FREE (3 Pack)

Chocolate HERSHEY'S SUGAR FREE (3 Pack) With HERSHEY'S SUGAR FREE Chocolate Candy, people with diabetes and those interested in cutting back on sugar have great-tasting alternatives for enjoying HERSHEY'S chocolate. HERSHEY'S Sugar Free products are sweetened with sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols (or polyols), such as xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, erythritol, and lactitol, contain some calories and increase blood sugar levels to varying degrees. Our sugar-free products therefore are not necessarily low calorie foods. Typically, they have about 20 percent fewer calories per serving than the original version and similar amounts of fat. Sugar alcohols are neither a sugar nor an alcohol. They are called "sugar alcohols" because part of its chemical structure resembles sugar and part res

List Price: $ 14.89 Price: $ 14.89

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