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Kind Snacks Kind Nuts & Spices

Kind Snacks Kind Nuts & Spices

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Price: $ 11.53
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Kind Snacks Kind Nuts & Spices

Kind Snacks Kind Nuts & Spices
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  • P.O. Box 705 Midtown Station New York. NY 10018
Kind Nuts & Spices. Cashew & Ginger Spice. 6g protein/ 5g Fiber. All natural/non GMO. Gluten free. No sugar alcohols. Low Glycemic. Very low sodium. Dairy free. Cholesterol free. No trans fats. No sulphur dioxide. No hydrogenated oils. Do the Kind thing—for your body! At Kind, we craft delicious, all natural, healthful foods from wholesome ingredients you can see & pronounce. That's why we created Kind Nuts & Spices, a line of bars that give you fiber, protein and heart-healthy fats in every bite, with 5g of sugar or less and no artificial sweeteners. 6g protein. 5g fiber. Only 4g sugar. So go on, have your Kind and eat it too! For more information, visit Do the Kind thing-- for your taste buds! Try our other aw

List Price: $ 23.88 Price: $ 11.53

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