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$ 9.79
Xlear Xylosweet Bag, 1-Pound

Xlear Xylosweet Bag, 1-Pound

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Price: $ 9.79
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Xlear Xylosweet Bag, 1-Pound

Xlear Xylosweet Bag, 1-Pound
  • 100% pharmaceutical grade, non-GMO xylitol granules
  • All-natural sweetener, contains no fillers or flow agents
  • Glycemix index of only 7
  • Contains no excipients
  • 40% fewer calories than regular table sugar
  • An all natural sweetener to replace other sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • One-third fewer calories than common table sugar with a low glycemic index that’s safe for diabetics
  • Recommended by dental professionals to help reduce the risk of dental caries and tooth decay
XyloSweet is xylitol in pure form for cooking and adding to your meals. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener and measures for cooking just like regular sugar, teaspoon for teaspoon. But xylitol is a healthier alternative to other sugars and sweeteners with a third of the calories of regular sugar and is recommended for diabetics. Unlike other sugars, xylitol is recommended by dental professionals to help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

List Price: $ 11.31 Price: $ 9.79

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