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$ 11.99
Xylitol 100 Count Packets (Single Pack)

Xylitol 100 Count Packets (Single Pack)

Reg. Price $ 11.99
Price: $ 11.99
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Xylitol 100 Count Packets (Single Pack)

Xylitol 100 Count Packets (Single Pack)
  • USP 24/FCCIV Pharmaceutical GradePerfect for coffe, tea and cereal
  • Perfect for coffe, tea and cereal
  • Diabetic Safe
  • Low Carb, Low Calorie
  • Looks and tastes like sugar
Single serving packets. Sweeter, healthier, smarter. 40% Fewer calories than processed sugar, 75% Less carb intake. Diabetic safe. Xylitol is a natural, low-glycemic sweetener derived from the xylan of birch and other hard wood trees, berries, almond hulls and corn cobs. Xylitol is metabolized independently of insulin and is safe for diabetics or anyone seeking a healthier life-style. Perfect for coffee, tea, cereal. does not promote cavities. Looks and tastes like sugar. Use in 1 to 1 ratio like sugar. Leaves no after taste and dissolves quickly. Heat stable for cooking and baking. Not recommended fro cooking with products that contain yeast. Vegan Safe.
List Price: $ 11.99 Price: $ 11.99

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